Pine Wood For Sale

Do you have requirements for sawn pine wood? We provide a steady supply for high quality European origin pine lumber at competitive rates. We can organize the shipment of these wood to your specified delivery destination. If you have a custom dimension requirements, also let us know since we provide supplies to your specific requirement. Send us an inquiry today and we will get back to you within 24hrs with a complete quote of our available pine lumber.

Specification of our Available Pine Wood

  • Pine tree height: 20 – 40meters
  • Average humidity: 112% sapwood and 33% core
  • Shrinkage: 6.7%
  • Standard humidity: 12%
  • Average density: 505 kg/cu.
  • Static bending – 70 – 92 MPa
  • Impact Strength – 28 – 51 kJ / sq
  • Moisture: 7%


Available supplies of European pine wood for sale at competitive prices. We offer quality pine wood for sale from sawmills in Germany, Hungary, and Austria. You can use these sawn pine lumber for construction and furniture industry.

More About our Pine Wood for sale

European pine wood is a softwood species with a straight grain and small pores. Pine wood lumber has light yellowish brown heartwood, which you can be easily distinguish from sapwood. Pine timber is easy to work with tools such as saw or plane and takes stain well. You can use it for interior and exterior applications like flooring, furniture production, carpentry, etc.

Is pine wood high quality?

Pine wood is a softwood species and has an average density. Its strength properties are slightly lower than that of hardwoods such as oak or maple, but it’s also less expensive. Pine wood can be easily worked with tools like saws, planes and hand drills.

So how long does pine wood last? The longevity of pine wood is not as high as that of other species like hardwoods, but it still lasts for a long time. The durability is usually 5 to 10years depending on the application of the material and how you treat it.

If you are going to use pine wood for exterior applications like decking or fencing, then its durability will be affected by weather conditions such as rain, sun and humidity.

How long will sealed pine last outside?

 Sealed pine will last for many years if the surface is properly prepared, sealed and maintained. You can seal pine wood with a clear penetrating stain that will protect it from the sun’s harmful UV rays, which cause fading and cracking.

The best time to seal your deck or fence is after you install it because this will make sure that the stain penetrates into all surfaces of the wood including knots and grain. What is white pine used for? White pine lumber is usually used in construction applications such as framing homes.

Sou can send us your inquiry if you are interested in buying European pine wood in bulk. We will send you a complete quote within 24hrs. Besides pine woods, we can supply EPAL pallets, wood pellets, firewood, sawdust, other sawn wood, and wood chips.

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