Medical Nitrile, Vynil, & Vitrile Gloves Supplier

As a nitrile and vynil medical gloves supplier, we know the necessity for medical practitioners to conduct safe procedures. We are offering this personal protective gloves at wholesale prices. Your order will be shipped within 72 hours of order confirmation. We work directly with industrialist units that are manufacturing these medical gloves. Therefore, we organize the exports these gloves to several countries across the world where our clients want us to ship.

Quick Details Of Our Nitrile, Vitrile, and Vynil Gloves

  • Customized order and packaging
  • Available of different colors of nitrile, vynil, and vitrile gloves
  • All sizes from XS to XXL
  • HS code is 40151100
  • Fast shipment within 72 hours of order confirmation.


We have a fair share of trade throughout the globe. It covers the most significant manufacturing and also supplies needs for the world. There is no imaginable medical gloves and mask that is not being supplied by us. Wholesale Clinical Gloves from us is a terrific method to get the best quality medical handwear covers. Our manufacturers produce a large range of nitrile, vitrile and vynil gloves that can be utilized for numerous functions. You can import these gloves at the most effective possible rate. Which also, without needing to compromise on the top quality. Leading functions that draw in global purchasers to import wholesale clinical handwear covers from us.

Nitrile Coated Gloves

We have available blue, black, purple nitrile gloves, as well as pink nitrile gloves. These nitrile coated gloves are of the best brands and very high-quality standards with high bacteria and germ resistance. Below are some information about our nitrile gloves.

  • Material: Polycotton knitted and nitrile full coated
  • Size: extra-small, small, medium and Large
  • Weight: 3.5g to 7g
  • Package Size: 35*25*25cm
  • Brand Customized: Possible
  • Package Quantity: 100pcs per box

nitrile gloves wholesale supplies

Vitrile and Vynil Gloves

Get your top quality vynile gloves vitrile at a wholesale distribution rate and get super fast delivery within 72 hours of order confirmation. These latex anti-bacteria gloves are one of the best to protect the hands from infections at all time.

  • Material: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • Size: extra-small, small, medium and Large
  • Single gross Weight: 0.650kg
  • Package Size: 24*26*32cm
  • Brand Customized: Possible
  • Package Quantity: 100pcs per box

vynil gloves package

Wholesale medical latex gloves

Here we are supplying wholesale medical gloves such as vitrile or vinyl gloves at a very good market rate. The minimum order quantity we supply is 1000 boxes and each box contains 100pcs. Our delivery is always done through airway shipments in order to enable our customers to run their businesses or meet their end customer’s demands faster. No matter your destination, as long as it is a known destination we will make sure we offer you the best cost-effective shipment to maximize your profit margin. Also, we do supply medical face masks

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