About Whole Distribute

We are a wholesale supplier and distributor of a wide variety of wholesale products trading under our main company FABIDCOM UG based in Germany. We work with a wide range of manufacturers and other suppliers to meet all our customers’ needs. Our partners and us deliver within 72 hours of order confirmation. We are shipping to worldwide locations. Although our initial base is in Germany, we stretch our reach in the international B2B and B2C world to attract millions of supply chain participants.

Our Goal

Our goal is to form a network of reliable and most efficient suppliers, producers, manufactures, and buyers. This network will meet the demands of buyers and consumers while exposing top-quality products from the most reliable producers and manufacturers worldwide. 

At Whole Distribute we understand the challenges faced by buyers to connect with or find reliable suppliers. In this light, we conduct proper research on every manufacture before adding them to our b2b supply chain pool. Vetting manufacturers, producers, and suppliers will make us a one-stop Hub for buyers all over the world.

We also know that not every buyer has established themselves well enough to be ordering a tremendous amount of goods at once. So we also welcome single units or small orders for specific categories. 

To help retail customers, we constantly create articles like comparing the best products, reviewing products. We continuously provide the hottest wholesale and retail deals.

Our Mission

We are constantly increasing our supply chain network to provide our visitors with the best quality products. Suppose you are a manufacturer, producer, or supplier. In that case, you can reach us to include you in our pool and start promoting your products. 

Manufacturers, Producers, and Suppliers must note that we conduct a proper quality assurance investigation before adding them to our supply chain pool. We want buyers to get only the best products on the market.


Constantly growing and increasing product line, we want to achieve the most reliable Wholesale Distribution Hub status online.

We understand the challenges buyers face in this era, with countless scammers out there taking advantage of buyers and manufacturers. So we only work with well-vetted manufacturers, suppliers, producers, as well as serious buyers. 

For Manufacturers, Producers , Buyers

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