Wholesale Sawn Wood

Would you like a steady supply of top quality wholesale sawn wood for sale? Simply send us your inquiry and we will get back to you a full quote on sawn timber within 24hrs. We work directly with sawmills to ensure we provide our customers with the highest quality of sawn lumber for both hardwood and softwood. We can also provide custom dimensions as per your request.

Specification of these Wholesale Sawn Wood

  • Materials: Pine, beech, oak, ash, Spruce, Fir
  • Size: 1220x2440mm or as requested
  • Quality : Grade A, AB
  • Moisture Content : KD 10% ± 2%
  • Thickness: 25mm, 32mm, 38mm, 43mm, 50mm, 60mm, also custom sizes possible
  • Length: 300-950mm, 1000-1700mm, 1800-2000mm, 2100-2400mm, 2500mm and up
  • Density: 400—500kg/m3
  • Face & Back: Plain/high glossy uv painted,
  • Usage: Door, desk , stair railing, furniture and decorative material
  • Packing: Standard export package or according to customers’ request


We steadily supply wholesale sawn wood to building companies and resellers across the world. Whole Distribute offers competitive prices, fast, simple and efficient services. We work with sawmill from Germany, Austria as well as Hungary. We also have partnerships with other sawmills in Africa to provide these sawn timber worldwide.

As a strategic partner of top mills in Europe and Africa, we have the capacity to supply large quantities of sawn lumber. Our partners provide a seamless and smooth production for all custom orders. So if you have specific sizes and species requirements at any time, do send us your inquiry and we will be in touch within 24hrs.

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What is a sawn timber?

Sawn timbers are felled trees that have been cut into logs, and then cut again by a bandsaw. It is one of the most widely used forms of timber. Sawn lumber is the most common and widely used form of timber by construction companies and other wood working experts. The quality, appearance and strength of sawn wood varies according to;

  • the species of tree
  • where it was cut from (ie. heartwood or sapwood)
  • how long it has been dried for.

Sawn timbers can be used to make furniture, joinery, flooring, cladding or any other construction material you can imagine. Sawn timbers are always available in a wide range of sizes as well as custom shapes according to your specification using a range of tools.

Is a lumber a sawn timber?

Yes, a lumber is a sawn timber. The term lumber refers to any rectangular length wood for construction purposes. Lumber can come from softwoods (such as pine), hardwoods (such as oak) or man-made materials such as plywood.

Lumber is often used in the construction of houses, buildings and furniture. The most common uses for lumber are as studs, joists and rafters in the framing of a house or building. Many wood workers or carpenters also use Lumber to make doors and windows, staircases or any other wood product which requires rectangular pieces of wood with specific dimensions.

How to request a quote for wholesale sawn wood?

If you are interested in placing an order for bulk sawn wood in any specific dimensions, first send us your complete requirement and one of our representative with be in touch with you within 24hrs. You can fill out the form below to send your inquiry. Besides wholesale sawn timber/lumber, we also supply EPAL Pallets, wood chips, sawdust, wood pellets, as well as firewood.

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