Kitchen Food Mixer

Get your steady supplies of these top quality kitchen food mixer today with fast shipping time. These mixers are selling like hot cake on amazon for at least $200 per unit. Buy in bulk today and maximize your profit by start selling online or at your store. These 1500W 5.5L Stainless Steel Bowl Dough Kneading Machine Stand Mixer Kitchen Planetary Food Mixers come in various colors. See color variation below.

What makes this Kitchen Food Mixer optimal?

  • The price point offers a minimum profit margin of 60% if you want to sell very fast.
  • The 6 variable speed control makes it easier to make fruit juice and smoothies, knead dough, mix butter, and whisk eggs.
  • No more strenuous dough kneading by hand which takes up most of your time in the kitchen. You simply set the machine and let it do it’s magic while you concentrate on something else.
  • There different components like vegetable spiral slicer, sausage maker, and blender make your cooking so effortless. You no longer have to worry about accidentally cutting your finger when slicing vegetables.
  • The mixing bowl has a capacity of 5.5L which makes it easier to mix for larger settings.
  • With the low noise level of 72 – 78 DB, you don’t have to worry about waking or disturbing anyone who is 1 meter away.


This multifunctional kitchen food mixer is suitable for online retailers as well as those who have physical stores or distributors. The quality is one of the best on market due to its stamina and durability. There are different plug types available on demand depending on your target market.

This food processor comes with a 12 months warranty policy which you can pass on to your customers. Normally this kitchen food mixer can last for 10 to 20 years if the user takes good care of it.

Kitchen Food Mixer at a Glance

kitchen food mixer functions complete food mixer 6 speed control kitchen food processor head functions of this kitchen food processor

Technical Specifications of this Food Mixer

  • Power: 1400w pure copper motor
  • Capacity: 5.5L stainless steel bowl,1.5L glass jar
  • Standard accessories: Dough Hook, Beater, Egg Whisk, Egg White Separator, Glass Jar, Meat Grinder
  • Optional accessories: Cover, Metal Head Whisk, SS Dough Hook, Sausage Stuffer, Slicer, Cookies Maker, Metal Flex Edge Beater
  • Decibel: low noise level,72~78DB within 1M
  • Configuration: Full metal gears + ball bearing + belt structure +LED indicator light
  • Speed knob: 6+0 speeds rotary knob with pulse function
  • Life test: 1000 cycles for dough kneading,3000 cycles for egg whisk
  • Drop test standard: 1.0M~1.3M( one corner, three edges & six sides)
  • Optimum dough mixture: 600G flour+320G water
  • Suggested dough mixture: 1000G flour+530G water
  • Max dough mixture: 1700G flour+900G water

Order Information

  • Minimum order quantity: 100 units
  • Lead time: Depends on the quantity
  • Customized Logo: Minimum 100 Units
  • Customized Packaging: Minimum 100 Units

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