Thin Super Soft Baby Diapers

We offer a competitive wholesale offer for Thin Super Soft Baby Diapers. Stock this must have the product in your stores. Shipping will be arranged at your respective destination. Read the description below to know more about this product. 

Brief Description:

  • Ultra-thin
  • Top sheet super soft
  • Back sheet ultra-breathable
  • High absorbent rate
  • Indication of wetness
  • High Elasticity
  • S shape side tape


Every parent wants to have the best for their child. Thin Super Soft baby diapers are the best choice for your child. These diapers are extremely thin and gentle towards the skin. It is as thin as a coin that keeps your baby relax for a maximum period.

  • Its super soft top sheet protects your baby’s skin gently and gives a relaxed sensation.
  • One of the best features about this diaper is an ultra-breathable back sheet which helps your baby not getting rashes and keep him comfortable and not irritated. 
  • Usually baby cries a lot because of the wet diapers as absorption of it is low. 

But we have got you covered as thin super soft baby diapers to have a super high absorption rate. This is because of the Japanese Sumitomo SAP that helps to keep your baby’s bottom dry, and hence your baby can stay comfortable in them. 

  • The elasticity of this diaper allows your child to move with maximum freedom so your baby can easily play, crawl and sit with full relaxation. 
  • The S-side tape keeps your diaper locked, and it doesn’t get loose. You can easily spot when the diaper is wet and ready to change with its wetness indicator. 

What is the Thin Super Soft Baby Diapers package?

They are the most comfortable diapers in which your baby can feel fully relaxed. It is indifferent sizes that are small, medium, large and extra-large. This gives you a huge option to choose the best size for your child and to make them feel comfortable. You can also try our 7th generation baby diapers, as well as our wholesale Pampers and Huggies. Check out our complete catalog of wholesale diapers.

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