Fantastic Colorful Baby Diapers

Buy wholesale Besuper Fantastic Colorful Baby Diapers. Stock this must have the product in your stores. Shipping will be arranged at your respective destination. Read the description below to know more about this product. 

Brief Description of Thes Colorful Baby Diapers:

  • Free from Chorine
  • Silky soft Backsheet
  • Cute Backsheet design
  • Aloe vera oil 
  • Topsheet Non-woven 
  • 3D leak Guard
  • Highly Elastic


Baby comfort is our number one priority, so for that, we are providing what is best for your babies. So they can easily move around without any irritation. As a result these fantastic colorful baby diapers relaxes babies and make them comfortable.

  • Chlorine-free diapers protect your baby from dioxins exposure which are small toxic small particles.
  • To keep your baby’s comfort level high, we have the Backsheet of the diapers as soft as silk. This keeps your baby happy and comfortable.
  • The cute designs on the diaper attract your baby and you enjoy wearing them as babies are fascinated by such designs, so we have designed a variety of cute designs.
  • One of the nesting features about them is the presence of aloe Vera oil in them. Aloe Vera has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that heal the skin and keeps your baby’s skin soft and moisturized with its high vitamin formula.  
  • The embossed nonwoven Topsheet is extremely sensitive to your baby’s skin as it is ultra-soft and keeps your baby dry.
  • The 3D leak guard protects the diaper from leakage, and the elastic nature of it gives the greatest freedom to your baby. 
  • They are certified by FSC, CE, TCF, SGO, ISO, OEKO, and FDA.

What is the Besuper Fantastic Colorful Baby Diapers package?

They are the most comfortable diapers in which your baby can feel fully relaxed. It is indifferent sizes that are NB, S, M, L, and XL. This gives you a huge option to choose the best size for your child and make them feel comfortable. In addition to this diaper brand, we also offer ODM services to our customers. If you prefer brands like Pampers, Huggies, Senventh Generation, you can browse our wholesale baby diapers.

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