B Grade Disposable Baby Diapers

We’re offering a well-advised wholesale offer for B Grade Disposable Baby Diapers in stock. It’s a must-have for all the guardians/parents with toddlers; stock it while the offers still up; why wait?! Shipping will be arranged by us according to the respective destination assigned by you. Read the description for more details about this product:

Brief description of Our B Grade baby diapers in stock

  • Suitable: Unisex.
  • These diapers come in one color.
  • Soft top sheet.
  • Breathable, cloth-like back sheet.
  • Magic tape.


B Grade Disposable Baby Diapers are soft and smooth baby diapers that are kind to baby skin. They ensure that the baby doesn’t get any rashes. They are breathable and provide best-absorbant services. These Disposable Baby Diapers are ultra-comfortable, and they ensure that there is no leakage. 

  • It’s a three-dimensional Diaper with double sides that makes it anti-leakage. 
  • The leg cuffs are built such that liquid is prevented from leakage. 
  • It has the addition of super absorbant polymer cores, which make its surface stay clean and dry through its use. 
  • These diapers are breathable and have a cloth-like back sheet.
  • The top sheet is very soft and smooth.
  • These diapers have a big waistband that consists of elasticity.
  • It consists of sticky tapes on each side for adjustment of the width of the diaper. 
  • The diapers have a beautiful graphic design on them that is very interactive and makes it look appealing. 
  • They have a wetness indicator. The diaper changes color when it gets wet, and this gives a sign to parents.
  • They are at a competitive price.

What is in B Grade Disposable Baby Diapers package?

The B Grade Disposable Baby Diapers come in four sizes: small, medium, large and extra-large. They are a must-have for every baby.  Apart from these Grade 2 diapers, We also offer branded diapers like Pampers, Huggies and other Grade A Diapers. For more information on available baby diapers, visit our wholesale baby diapers page to browse.

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