Oral B iO Series 7N

We’re offering a competitive wholesale offer for Oral B iO Series 7N. This product is a must-have in your overall stock if you are selling electric toothbrush or hygienic products. Shipping will be arranged by us at your respective destination as assigned by you. For further details about the product, read the following:

Brief description for Oral B iO Series 7N

  • Colour: white and black.
  • Configuration: handle.
  • Brand: Oral-B
  • Age range: Adult


Our Wholesale Oral B iO Series 7N Supplies is available and ready for instant shipment. Place your order today and receive a competitive offer within 24hrs. This top-quality world class electric toothbrush consists of the following features:

It is a magnetic technology marked as number one after being dental approved and is used worldwide. It’s a guide for the best cleaning for your teeth. Turning it on and off is a matter of a push on a single button. A dental-approved product that helps in making brushing an even easier task than before. It is one of the best electric toothbrushes worldwide and kept as a must-have product. The sensory fibers protect the gums from damages, and their round shape adds to their cleaning purposes.

  • Oral B iO Series 7N electric toothbrush comes with a quick charge magnet station.
  • This product charges within three hours.
  • The product has five color modes through which it communicates.
  • The product helps with indicating if brushing is done right, too hard, or too light through its color modes, respectively; green, red, and white.
  • The product varies in two colors, being white and black.
  • It’s a Unisex product that males and females can use.
  • This product is travel-friendly and comes with a traveling kit.
  • The product has dentists approval and marked as number one worldwide.
  • The product helps in cleaning your teeth better than before and makes brushing an even more manageable task.

Details of Oral B iO Series 7N packaging 

  • One toothbrush head.
  • One magnetic pouch.
  • One traveling kit.
  • Five modes.

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