Oral B Genius X 20100s

Request a competitive wholesale quotation for Oral B Genius X 20100S. It is a must-have product to stock in the home for all the hygienic people out there! With the easy shipping and handling of this product, your orders will be easier to receive at your destination address. Read the description below for more details about this product:

Brief description for Oral B genius x 20100S product

  • Colour: 4 different colors
  • Configuration: handle/2 handles
  • Charging: USB 
  • Sensor: Gum friendly


For details about the Oral B Genius X 20100S electric toothbrush, read further.

This product is a must-have for all those who are up to date with their decision to stay hygienic. It is a dental-approved product that is worldwide known, used, and accepted as number one! As with all other Oral-B products, you should add this product to your inventory list.

  • Genius X 20100s is instilled with artificial intelligence, which makes it do its work more efficiently.
  • The product is an electric mode toothbrush that has a lithium-ion battery.
  • The product comes in four different colors: black, blush pink, rose gold, and black/rose gold.
  • The box can come in 2 variations: one handle or two handles.
  • It comes with a magnetic holder that keeps it charged.
  • Its sensory update helps indicate how the applicant is using it through its color scheme and modes.
  • The product has six different modes.
  • This product can be connected with Bluetooth and personalized feedback through the Oral-B app for best results.
  • The product has a gum pressure sensor.
  • This product comes with a USB charging travel case.
  • The product also consists of a UK pin plug.
  • You or your customers can send this product as a gift.
  • Oral B Genius X 20100S is a Unisex product.
  • The product detects the position of cleaning.
  • This product is instilled with a quadrant timer.
  • Last but not the least, this product comes with a LED light right instilled in it.

Oral B genius x 20100S packaging comes with:

  • One toothbrush head. 
  • 6modes.
  • USB traveling charging case.
  • Gum pressure sensor.

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