Philips Sonicare 4300 Protective Clean

We have a bulk of Philips Sonicare 4300 Protective Clean in stock. This product is in high demand in the market. We offer to ship to our customers at their given address. For more details about the product, have a further read as follows:

Brief Description of Philips Sonicare 4300 Protective Clean

  • Inbuilt timer
  • Automated turn off technology
  • Long battery life


A fantastic offer for the must-have product, Philips Sonicare 4300 protective clean. The product is an electric toothbrush with a Brush sync technology instilled in it that helps keep track of brushing habits and reminders.

This product’s installation is with artificial intelligence that makes it better than regular toothbrushes. It helps in the guidance of the individual towards better teeth cleaning routine for healthier Oral hygiene.

  • The product has an inbuilt timer that goes up to two minutes.
  • The product comes with an automated turn-off technology.
  • Philips Sonicare 4300 Protective Clean is simple and comes with a single cleaning mode.
  • The product comes with a changing intensity of cleaning the teeth feature.
  • The product comes with a pressure sensor that alerts the user when they’re brushing too hard.
  • This product’s Brush sync technology helps track when to change or replace the brush head.¬†
  • The product comes with two brush heads.
  • The product has a travel case in which users could keep for hygienic storage.
  • This electric toothbrush has long battery life.
  • The product comes in different colors, and they’re as follows: black, grey, navy blue, light blue, pastel pink, and deep pink.
  • The product has a charging stand through which its battery is charged.
  • Philips Sonicare 4300 ProtectiveClean also comes in a dual handle pack which is a better option for couples or families.
  • The product’s inner and outer trays are recyclable.
  • The product is a simple form of all the variants and states that it comes in.

What is in the package of Philips Sonicare 4300 ProtectiveClean?

  • Brush heads¬†
  • Handle
  • Travel Pouch
  • Wireless charging pad

Additionally, we supply the Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean and other electric toothbrushes from Oral B (a product of Braun). We also supply other series of Protective clean. Let us know your requirements and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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