Braun Multi Quick 3

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Brief description for Braun Multi Quick 3

  • Splash control
  • Powerbell technology
  • Grip surface
  • Easy to use


The Braun Multi Quick 3 is a must-have hand blender for every kitchen. It provides a wide range of features like chopping, whipping, beating, and stirring. The perfection of this device’s design makes your work in the kitchen effortless.

Braun Multi Quick 3 Pro functionalities

Braun Multi Quick 3 blender has a perfect design for a comfortable kitchen item. Users can use this device to make all your favorite recipes from desserts to sauces. One can grind your coffee beans and spices within a few seconds. Chefs can chop your favorite vegetables quickly. You can blend your favorite fruits and make a perfect smoothie in a few minutes. Braun MultiQuick 3 makes life easier for everyone.

  • This device has two-speed settings that allow chopping and blending to be done with perfection.
  • This device has a powerful motor of 700W that makes the chopping of meat and vegetables easier.
  • The splash control technology ensures that the kitchen won’t be coated in food and it will be spotless.
  • This device features a patented PowerBell blending shaft along with an extra milling blade that blends whole foods in seconds
  • This is a very convenient device since it contains all kitchen essentials.

What is in Braun Blender package?

Braun MultiQuick 3 possesses an innovative addition of extra blades that provide efficient results. The PowerBell Plus Technology makes the process faster and smoother. It allows more cutting per rotation that results in efficient blending and chopping results.

The box includes:

  1. Braun MQ3025 Hand Blender
  2. measuring beaker
  3. chopper attachment
  4. whisk attachment

We are also offering the multi quick 1 version if you have any interest in that too. You can also checkout our other Braun wholesale gadgets we can provide for instant for export.

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