C4 Energy Drinks

Enquire now about our wholesale C4 Energy drinks and receive a complete corporate offer within 24 hours. With our reliable network of manufacturers and suppliers, we can efficiently deliver these top-performing energy drinks. These C4 power drinks are very potent when it comes to boosting energy. If you operate an online shop or sell offline, this energy drink should be in your inventory. With seamless delivery methods through air freight and ocean freight, you can get your shipment faster than you expect.

Quick Details Of Our Wholesale C4 Energy Drinks Offer.

  • Product Type: Energy Drinks
  • Primary Ingredients: Ginseng, Taurine, Vitamine, and Minerals
  • Flavor: Original
  • Brand Name: C4
  • Brix: 1.3%
  • Volume: 500ml
  • Shelf Life: 18 Months
  • Packaging: Tray of 12 * 500ml cans
  • Tray Dimension: 28.2 * 20.8 * 17.2 cm 
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 * 40FT Container Load


The C4 Energy drinks we supply have different flavors. You can choose your preferred flavors based on your market demand. The can volume is 500ml, and there are 12 cans per tray. We offer these energy booster drinks at a competitive wholesale rate. No matter the location of your delivery destination, we can easily organize seamless freight.

Why Your Customers Will Love This Energy Drink

  • C4 Energy drinks provide natural hydration to consumers due to their BetaPower Betaine. Consumers benefit from physical performance during a workout.
  • C4 power boost drink comes in a variety of flavors that your customers could choose. As of now, there are four primary C4 drink flavors. These flavors are; Frozen Bombsicle, Twisted Limeade, Cosmic Rainbow, and Orange Slice.
  • Your customers can take their energy to the next level with C4 pre-workout booster.

Packaging Details

The packaging is based on the international standards as shown below:

  • 12 * 500ml Cans per tray
  • 108 trays per pallet. We can also increase the tray quantity per pallet.
  • 16 Euro pallets per 20ft container
  • 24 Euro pallets per 40ft container

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