Braun satin hair 7 hd785

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Brief description for Braun satin hair 7 hd785:

  • Thermosensor for active temperature control
  • Iontec
  • Professional extra nozzle diffusor


Braun Satin Hair 7 HD785 has an interactive design. The professional dryer adapts the temperature and comes with Iontec and diffusor. It is a great device for professional use as well as for daily home use to dry and style hair.

Braun satin hair 7 hd785 Pro functionalities
Braun Satin Hair 7 is a high-quality dryer that is built to provide healthy drying and professional styling. This dryer comes with Thermo Sensor technology that monitors the temperature and adapts it to ensure less heat damage. A consistent optimal temperature is maintained to ensure healthy drying.

  • This dryer consists of an AC motor that increases its longevity by 5 times.
  • This dryer has Built-in sensors that measure the temperature approximately 600 times per minute and adjust the optimal level.
  • The sensors in this dryer ensure the even distribution of airflow that protects hair from damage.
  • This sensor contains IONTEC that Infuses hair with ions to boost shine and beat frizz.
  • This device has an extra nozzle diffusor that keeps the heat inside. This allows the user to have the perfect curls and volume at a professional level.
  • This dryer has a removable filter mesh that makes it easy to clean.

What is in Braun satin hair 7 hd785 package?

Braun Satin Hair 7 is one of the most sophisticated dryers that gives professional results as compared to regular dryers. The results are long-lasting and professional.

The box includes:

  1. Braun Satin Hair 7 Dryer
  2. Styling Nozzle
  3. DIffuser

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