Tiffany Love Perfume

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Brief Details Of Tiffany Love Perfume

  • Cosmetic Type Type: Perfume
  • Format: Aerosol
  • Brand: Tiffany & Co
  • Fragrance: wood, aloe Vera
  • Size: 50ml (1.6fl oz)
  • Special feature Aromatherapy
  • Age Range: Adults (Women)


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Tiffany Love is a luxurious and romantic fragrance that captures the essence of love. With its delicate blend of floral and citrus notes, this scent is perfect for any special occasion. Whether youre looking for a romantic gift for your significant other or a special treat for yourself, Tiffany Love is sure to make a lasting impression.

Characteristics of the Tiffany Love Perfume

Fragrance Notes: The top notes of Tiffany Love are a refreshing blend of bergamot, mandarin, and apple. These bright and zesty notes give the perfume an invigorating opening that is sure to awaken the senses.

As the fragrance settles on the skin, the middle notes of jasmine, rose, and freesia come into play. These floral notes add a romantic and feminine touch to the perfume, making it the perfect choice for a special occasion.

Finally, the base notes of sandalwood, musk, and vanilla round out the fragrance with a warm and cozy finish. These rich and creamy notes give Tiffany Love a lasting depth and complexity that is sure to make it a new favorite.

Scent: Tiffany Love is a sweet and floral scent that is both romantic and playful. Its light and airy feel makes it perfect for any occasion, whether you’re out on the town or just spending a quiet evening at home.

Longevity: With a medium longevity, Tiffany Love will last up to 6 hours on the skin. This means you can spritz it on in the morning and enjoy its beautiful scent all day long.

Sillage: Tiffany Love perfume has a moderate sillage, meaning it will be noticeable but not overpowering. This makes it the perfect choice for those who want to make a statement with their fragrance without being too overpowering.

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