Aigner Perfumes No1

Are you a retailer looking to add a luxurious, sophisticated scent to your product line? Check out our Aigner Perfumes No1! This highly sought-after fragrance is now available at discounted wholesale prices, making it the perfect addition to your inventory. With its timeless, elegant scent, this perfume is sure to be a hit with your customers. Request a quote today and receive our wholesale prices.

Brief Details Of Aigner Perfumes No1

  • Cosmetic Type: Perfume
  • Format: Aerosol
  • Brand: AIGNER
  • Fragrance Name: NÂș 1
  • Size: 100ml, 50ml
  • Scent: Wood
  • Age Range: Adults
  • Package Weight: 0.140kg


Want to know more about Aigner Perfumes No1? See details below.

Aigner Perfumes No1 is a high-quality perfume that boasts a number of benefits for users. One of the standout features of this product is that it is free from a range of potentially harmful ingredients.

Harmful Ingredients not Present in Aigner Perfumes No1

Microplastic: This perfume is microplastic-free, meaning it does not contain tiny plastic particles that can be harmful to the environment and potentially to human health. In addition, it is also silicone-free, palm oil-free, paraffin-free, and paraben-free.

Preservative and Sulfate: It is preservative-free, sulfate-free, and does not contain any oily ingredients, making it suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Comedogenic: Another key benefit of this Perfume is that it is comedogenic-free. This means it is unlikely to cause breakouts or clog pores. Thus, making it suitable for people with acne-prone or sensitive skin.

Pigment and Dye: It is also pigment and dye-free. This makes it a suitable choice for people with allergies caused by these allergens. In addition, it is also acetone-free, lactose-free, and ammonia-free. The absence of these substances makes it highly unlikely to cause irritation or sensitivity.

Overall, Aigner Perfumes sophisticated scent combines woody, leathery, and fresh notes to create an unforgettable fragrance that’s perfect for the modern man. With top notes of cedar, bergamot, and pepper and heart notes of ginger, cinnamon, and geranium, this fragrance has depth and character.

The base notes of vetiver, oud, and sandalwood give it an extra boost of strength and make it stand out from the rest. Plus, the smoky gray flacon with the iconic AIGNER horseshoe motif adds a touch of elegance and makes it the perfect addition to any wholesale collection.

Now you can order this perfume at a wholesale rate and we will handle the delivery to your destination. Request a quote today to receive our wholesale price. We also supply different wholesale cosmetics like Elie Saab Le Parfum Royal, and other perfumes at heavily discounted prices.

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