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In this reviews article, we are going to take a look at this unbiased Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 review in order to answer the following questions about this product;

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Although body hair to some people is completely ok and normal not to shave, others feel embarrassed in public by it. But if you do not feel comfortable with your body hair like those on your arms or legs, Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 can give you smooth and glowing skin. 

Instead of using creams and lotions to remove hair from different body parts, this body hair remover machine is one of the most effective you could find.

Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 is the best way to enlighten your skin tone. It won’t harm your skin but help to remove hair from the root. Using this comfortable hair removal device, you can have glowing skin in just 28 minutes of using it.

To know more about its benefits, let’s scroll down.

Accessories in Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 Package 

accessories included in the Braun silk expert pro 5 package

There is a complete package of removing hair from your legs, arms, underarms, and other body parts where hair growth occurs. For an affordable price, you can enjoy smooth skin without any hazards whatsoever.

This package includes;

  1. Precision Head
  2. Venus Razor
  3. Pro 3 IPL Device
  4. Carrying Bag

I am going to explain their functions one by one in the next step. So, let’s dive in. Before I forget, did I mention that this device is now on sale at under $300 (for US Residents only) from around $330. You can check it out on Amazon USA.

Precision Head 

The most remarkable part of this Silk Expert is its precision head to remove fine hair from your body. As its name indicates, the precision head will work precisely to provide you with clean and smooth skin. 

Venus Razor 

The next thing in the box is a sharp Venus razor with fine blades. It also provides you with smooth and clear skin without damaging your skin. These blades are sharp enough to remove the dark hair if you apply it once on the body part.

Pro 3 IPL Device 

Everything in this package is worth trying as this Pro 3 IPL device is another addition for comfortable use to remove hair. It has several options to clean the dark and light hairs from your whole body without leaving any marks on the skin.

Carrying Bag

All the accessories are saving in a bag that has an elegant design. It will keep all the accessories in their place firmly when you are carrying them with you while traveling. The durable zipper helps you to open and close the bag as frequently as you wish. The zipper enables you to take out or pack all the accessories in the bag without worrying about damaging the bag.

9 Remarkable Benefits of This IPL Pro 5

smooth skin benefits as a result of using Braun silk expert pro 5 hair remover.

There isn’t only one reason to recommend this fantastic product, but this one is a blend of several benefits. It will help you to remove extra hairs without taking much time. After using this device, you will not feel any roughness on your skin.

You can get rid of dark hairs using this device. And on the flip side, it also enhances the skin’s bright tone to make you confident while going out. SO, let’s check out the benefits of using this beauty device.

1. Lightweight

On the prime note, if I talk about its construction, then let me tell you that it has high-quality engineering with quality material. High-quality material doesn’t mean its weight will be heavy. No, this machine has lightweight and easy to carry anywhere.

Another advantage of the lightweight of this machine is its comfortable and easy handling while extracting unneeded hairs. Without carrying any weight in your hands, you can have smooth, silky, and glowing skin with this adorable device for women. 

2. Complete Hair Removal Without Wax

If you use any cream for hair removal or any lotion to extract dark hairs from your skin, it might work for some time. But after a few days, the hair growth will be exponential than the previous level. It can be tricky to remove those hairs from the root, and it can be painful also.

But if you apply this Expert Pro 5, you will be amazed that it can get rid of extra hairs in the long run. After using it once or twice a week, you will see a clear difference in your hair growth and skin tone too.

3. Time Saving Device

Although this machine can remove all of your bodily hair, it doesn’t mean it will take your hours while removing hair. No, not at all! If you are using it on your legs, you can have smooth skin on your legs within a total of 5 minutes.

On the flip side, if you want to use it on the face, arms, underarms, legs, or all over the body, it will only take 28 minutes. Is it not time-saving to shave your entire body in just half an hour? Without wasting your time, you can enjoy a pleasing and bright skin tone using this superb device.

4. Accurate Intensity Level

It has accurate intensity to take the dark hairs out from the root. That’s the reason; you can have the comfort of removing hair for a long time. It has 10 levels of intensity to adjust the power according to the needs of the body area.

Without taking extra energy from the source, it can quickly vanish a hairy look and change your irritation to comfort with smoothness. Due to its adjustable intensity, you could easily use it at home or salon to enhance your skin’s tone to your satisfactory level.

5. Adjustable Modes

Along with all other features, it has 3 comfort modes. Due to these adjustable modes, you can easily handle this device as an expert or a beginner. Sometimes it is not easy for the person who is using it for the first time. 

So, with its normal, gentle, and extra gentle level, you can easily clean the irritating dark hairs. These adjustable modes are also helpful for saving the energy of the device while working. All in all, these modes are beneficial for beginners mainly.

6. Controlled Flash Speed

This machine is working with the aid of flashes to clear up all the unnecessary hairs. So, the speed of the flashes matters a lot to remove these hairs. The machine’s spread flashes range from 0.5 to 0.9 to clear that area without leaving any hair there.

When the flashes hit the hair, that area gets free from the hair, and the skin tone changes. It means these flashes are helpful not only to extract hair but also to brighten up the skin region. It has dual benefits to enhance the beauty of the ladies.

7. Powerful Flashes

I have described the intensity and speed of the flashes above. Here, you will know how much extra hair this device removes from different body parts. You would be amazed that this small machine uses 400,000 flashes to clean the skin.

Due to this high quantity, you feel silky smooth skin after every use of this machine. The most astonishing thing about this machine is that its cleaning is equal to cleaning hair for 22 years. Is it not wonderful to have such beautiful skin with this admirable small machine?

8. Skin-Friendly

Many people think that using a machine on their body surface can hurt them. But this machine bolts with such benefits that it will not cause any damage to your skin but give you a healthy and clean epidermis. 

Its flashes are not harmful to the skin. It has UV protection to take care of the epidermis of your skin from heavy and harmful radiation. So, you can easily use it without any risk of skin damage to have a beautiful and silky outlook.

9. Certified Device for Skin Protection

Still, if you were confused before buying this device, let’s clarify that it has gone through many tests to ensure skin safety. There is no risk of using it as this machine is clinically tested, and FDA has cleared that it will not hurt your skin.

Who should use Braun Silk Expert Pro 5?

As I have cleared in the above description, this device is only for women. But it has flexibility in its use. Along with ladies, men can use this machine to remove hair from the shoulder, chest, and arms only.

But they cannot use it to clear their legs and genital area because the hair has deep roots in those areas. If they use it in restricted areas, it could have some troublesome effects.

There is no doubt that ladies can use this excellent device anywhere they want on the flip side. While removing hair from the arms, underarms, legs, face, or bikini line is easy, you should be careful when using it on genital areas.

If hairs are dark in that region, then don’t use them. In this case, you can be uncomfortable, or the machine will stop working also. I wouldn’t use this device on dark areas in your skin tone or areas with white and pale hair.

How to use this device 

video on how to use Braun Silk Expert Pro 5.

In the beginning, you should use Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 one or two times a week. After every use, you can see the rate of growth of the hair. The rate of hair growth will be higher than the following week.

You can use this silk expert pro 5 once a week for 4 to 12 weeks to get rid of dark hairs. In each week, you could use this device once or twice regularly. After 4 to 12 weeks, the concentration of hair will be low to its lowest. When you see the hairs are not growing immediately and not even dark, then lessen its use.

Now, you can use it once every 1 to 2 months to clean the skin and enhance the fairness of the skin. After using this machine, according to this period, you can reduce hair growth for a lifetime. All of its parts are sophisticated, so pack the accessories back in the box nicely after every use.

Cleaning of Braun Silk Expert Pro 5

If you want prolonged use of the Silk Pro 5, it is necessary to clean it regularly after every use. I will tell you what you have to do to keep clean this superb machine. If you use it for removing hairs for almost half an hour or 15 minutes, then the glass filter becomes hot. 

After switching off the device, you should be careful before touching it. Leave it for a maximum of 5 minutes to let it cool. After that, remove the head of the device that is detachable.

Do not use water or any cleaning agent to clean it that may damage the device. To clean the debris, you can use a slightly wet cloth. Clean the machine thoroughly and then let it dry for some time. Before re-fitting, the device should be fully dry to resist any damage.

When it has no moisture on its surface, then re-fit and keeps it in its protective bag. To keep it protected, store it in a cool and dry place for subsequent comfortable use.


  • Robust engineering with the lightweight
  • Easy to use with adjustable flash speed and intensity
  • Enhance the fairness of the skin
  • Portable and easy to use


  • It doesn’t work on dark areas like moles 
  • Not for the girls under the age of 18 years


After describing the full use of the Braun Silk Expert Pro 5, I am sure that there would be no confusion about its use. It has several benefits to enjoy quickly and provides you with a glowing and smooth skin tone.

Also, we have described who should use it and which body parts you should use it on. 

So, if you find this detailed Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 review beneficial, please share it on social media so that others who would be interested in this product could make an informed purchase decision.

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