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I am sure you have heard that keeping your hands clean is the easiest way to prevent germs and sickness. With keeping your hands germ-free, nothing beats soap and water. 

But what if washing your hands with soap and water isn’t good enough? In such cases, the next best thing is to use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. It’s a great alternative & everyone should keep one in their bags or pockets while leaving the house. We will be looking at the best hand sanitizers.

One important thing to keep in mind is that your hand sanitizer should be at least 60% alcohol. To help you find the best sanitizers, we have researched the best sanitizers for germ-free hands. Based on our research, we have come up with six top picks for hand sanitizers.

  1. EO Hand Cleansing Wipes
  2. Hempz Triple Moisture Hand Sanitizer
  3. Dettol Hand Sanitizer
  4. Purrel Hand Sanitizers
  5. Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer
  6. Babyganics Hand Sanitizer

EO Hand Cleansing Wipes

Germs are everywhere around us – from television remote to office doorknob. With the current pandemic, the use of hand sanitizers has reached an all-time peak. Most of these hand sanitizers use harmful chemicals that will affect your skin and hormones in the long run. 

None of the Brands share all of their ingredients because it makes its sanitizer unique from any other. It means that you’ll never know which chemicals are added.

To save you from harming yourself, I suggest EO Hand Sanitizer wipes. These wipes are the organic, plant-based alternative to chemical-laden hand sanitizers. 

The wipe is from sustainable and biodegradable bamboo cloth, which contains alcohol derived from non-GMO sugar cane that poses no harm to the environment also. They also add vegetable glycerin and organic herbal blend with chamomile and calendula, replenishing moisture and giving your skin a soft feeling.

I have used many different sanitizers, but my personal favorite is EO hand cleansing wipes. And the reason is the calming scent of pure lavender oil which adds a touch of peace and relaxation. My skin feels soft and smooth with every wash. 

Another reason why I recommend this is that these are good for you as well as the earth. I always keep a pack of these hand cleansing wipes in my bag.

Hempz Triple Moisture Hand Sanitizer

Hand disinfectants have become a daily staple for staying healthy during Covid-19. With the rising covid-19 cases, people are more concerned about buying hand disinfectants than ever. I thought to help out by naming some of the best ones. 

After being praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on amazon, I tried a few sanitizers. One of them was Hempz Triple Moisture Hand sanitizer. And to my surprise I liked it. 

Most hand sanitizers have a heavy alcohol content that could completely dry out your hand with regular use. But with just 63% alcohol content, Hempz promises to hydrate your hands.

Most of my friends frequently sanitize their hands every time they touch money or shake hands with someone. Often, their hands pay the ultimate price by staying dry the whole time. 

But when they started using this hand sanitizer, it really worked wonders for them & they instantly noticed the change. It helped their hands to stay soft and moisturized.

This triple moisture serum kills most germs on contact and also performs the duties of a lotion. It includes improved and top-line ingredients such as coconut oil, pure hemp seed oil, and anti-aging apple fruit extract, which keeps skin firm and toned. 

This 100% vegan, THC-free, Paraben-free, Cruelty-free, Gluten-free antibacterial hand gel has a delightful scent of grapefruit and effervescent peach. You could try it out at least and see if it works for you!

Dettol Hand Sanitizer

Dettol hand sanitizer is one of the mandatory things in most people’s bags. My wife is incredibly hygienic and health-conscious and doesn’t ever forget to carry this hand disinfectant whenever she goes out. Dettol hand sanitizer helps her maintaining her hygiene when she stays outdoor.

According to manufacturers, Dettol Hand sanitizer can kill 99.9% of germs promptly without water. Dettol hand disinfectants come in a cute tiny travel-friendly transparent container with a green flip top. This makes it very handy to use during traveling. You can use it anytime, anywhere.

Take a small-sized drop on your palm and rub your hands thoroughly. By doing so, the gel covers every surface of your hand and dries off quickly. So no need to use water afterward. 

My wife’s hands feel so clean and even damped after its application. This hand sanitizer has this mildly juicy fragrance which I fancy so much. It is just a tiny drop of gel that makes your hands feel so smooth and healthy. Also, it feels very light when applied to the hands.

The effectiveness of a sanitizer depends upon the alcohol content, which should be at least 60% to work effectively on bacteria. In comparison, Dettol hand sanitizer merrily contains 69.4% of alcohol which benefits amazingly at killing bacteria and keeping you neat and clean. I strongly recommend you guys to try this hand sanitizer at least once. I bet you’ll love it.

Purrel Hand Sanitizers

Hand disinfectants became a vital need during the coronavirus pandemic. I am using Purrel hand sanitizer for almost eight months now, since the start of this pandemic. I selected Purrel as it claims to kill nearly all the germs on your hands. 

Although I am not a germ expert, I trust the brand because they produce quality hygiene products. And to be honest, it never disappointed me, and it is a perfect sanitizer.

Purrel hand disinfectants come in a transparent plastic bottle printed with the initials and logo in red. The bottle has a flip lid that makes it convenient to open and use. It has a smooth gel-like texture which helps to spread it easily and quickly on the hands. It also dries rapidly and is absorbed very swiftly.

Imagine you are in your car, and you wish to eat something, but there is no water to wash your hands. In such a case, Purrel hand sanitizer is the most practical option. I always keep one in my car for every such situation. 

These hand disinfectants contain moisturizers and vitamin E. The odor of Purrel Hand sanitizer is so gentle and sober, which is the best part. It’s really alluring and lingers for a short time. Its fragrance is so beautiful that if you use it in front of somebody, they will also get attracted to it.

I am not really sure if its ingredients are harmful. But I didn’t face any issues or side effects. Neither did my family.

I definitely recommend that you have Purrel Hand Sanitizer in your purse if you are a parent. Or even just like that to be insulated from the germs around you. It will surely be helpful to protect your baby from the harmful bacteria and germs that can cause various problems. 

Use this hand disinfectant to keep acne problems away, and also use it before applying makeup. I think every health-conscious and hygienic person should possess this little bottle with them. 

Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer

When you hear something like that to kill germs on your hand, which brand name will pop up in your mind? Yes, one of the names that pop up in your mind is Lifebuoy. 

Lifebuoy claims and proves that they can instantly help you get rid of germs, even without utilizing the water. You can reap benefits from this sanitizer as it dries rapidly, non-sticky, and holds the moisturizers and vitamin E. Therefore keeps your hands soft and smooth.

The additives that make the Lifebuoy best for you are ethyl Alchohol, Isopropyl alcohol, tocopheryl Acetate, and scented gel base. You can use it just by applying it to your palm and rubbing it over your hand and fingers till it dries. Its lead time is 2 hours from its manufacturing date.

I only heard about Lifebuoy 5 years ago when I traveled to Pretoria in South Africa. But Lifebuoy was already a famous hygiene brand long before the coronavirus became a pandemic. I love Lifebuoy because of its effectiveness in killing germs. And I also trust the brand name and its quality products.

Lifebuoy hand sanitizers come in a transparent bottle with a flip cap on it, making it convenient to use while traveling. The bottle also holds the initials and a red logo. The substance inside the bottle is transparent and gel-like, which makes it spread quickly and swiftly. 

The best thing I like about Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizers is their clement aroma. I love this dude!

Lifebuoy will help you in terms of:

  • Keeping your loved ones safe from bacteria and viruses
  • It is readily available, so you don’t have to wait
  • It absorbed quickly and moisturized your hands
  • kill germs and have a good or mild smell

Babyganics Hand Sanitizer

Ever you heard before that hand sanitizers are also alcohol-free? Firstly I think that all sanitizers are alcohol-based, but I was wrong. Babyganics is one of the top-tier alcohol-free hand sanitizer brands. It claims to kill 99.99% of bacteria. 

Babyganics holds the formula that is derived from the plants. Babyganics provides alcohol-free foaming sanitizers that not only kill the germs on your baby’s skin but also nourish and moisturize the skin.

Most of the hand sanitizers you use in your routine life can cause allergies. However, Babyganics entered the market to solve your allergic problems while using sanitizers. This ideal disinfectant comes in a pump bottle that holds non-allergic ingredients. 

Babyganics hand sanitizer doesn’t contain any chemicals like sulfates, phthalates, parabens, and dyes, and also it does not have fragrances. This also poses a more minor threat to any fire exposure and is not harmful to any surface. Babyganics hand disinfectants will rescue you even after it got dried.

Babyganics got tested and approved by dermatologists and pediatricians. And also think every life matters on earth, so we don’t try our products on animals.

Benefits Of Babyganics

  • Protection against germs even after the substance got dried.
  • Nourishes and moistures the skin to make your hands soft and smooth.
  • Contains no alcohol and no chemicals that can harm your life or your loved ones
  • Use a formula derived from plants, and most importantly, they are also worth animals’ lives.

Each sanitizer has its specifications and offers you different kinds of benefits. So, it is challenging to recommend any one of them. But I urge you to choose the hand sanitizer that suits your skin. If you are allergic to chemicals, then you must opt for alcohol-free sanitizers among them.

I hope that this article will help you out to choose the best one for your skin needs! If you are an online retailer, you might want to check our wholesale hand sanitizers. We offer at competitive rates.

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