Ground Ginger Powder

Start your order today for Ground Ginger Powder and stock your inventory with this high-quality food-grade seasoning powder. Receive a quotation for this plant extract within a day after submitting your inquiry. Do you need custom packaging? We can pack this spice according to your exact specifications. If you need custom brand packaging, we could also organize that. Below are quick details regarding this cooking product.

Quick Details Of Ground Ginger Powder For Sale

  • Style: Dried
  • Type: Ginger
  • Processing Type: Steamed
  • Drying Process: Air Dried
  • Cultivation Type: Common, Organic, Open Air
  • Part: 100% From Ginger Root
  • Form: Powder
  • Packaging: Custom packaging, depending on your specifications.
  • Max. Moisture (%): 6
  • Shelf Life: 2
  • Color: Yellow
  • Flavor: Strong, intense, typical Ginger


Our bulk Ginger Powder comes from the Rhizome (the underground part of the plant’s stem). Food Consumers have been using Ginger in different forms for thousands of years. Thus, it has a long history of cooking and various medical and health purposes.

We cherry-pick from small, organic, and sustainable farmers to provide an exquisite powder to our customers. Our farmers dry the Ginger roots at low temperatures after every harvest.

Our Organic Ginger powder is raw, pure, all-natural, vegan, gluten-free, non-irradiated, making it a great addition to any lifestyle.

More Details of Our Wholesale Organic Ginger Powder 

  • Certified Organic and Nutritionally Dense! This seasoning powder has high minerals and vitamins sources like potassium and manganese. It also has magnesium and copper. 
  • This seasoning powder has many nutrients and benefits to offer its consumers: Ginger is nutritionally dense with a lot of plant-based antioxidants & vitamins/minerals. The Ground Ginger we supply is sugar-free and low in carbohydrates.
  • Our producers hand-select the root to obtain only the best quality when they transform the roots into powder form. The hand-selection process ensures high-quality Ginger Root Powder. 
  • Consumers of this spice can make countless recipes with Ground Ginger. This powder is perfect for adding it to smoothies, cakes, bread, ice creams, and much more.
  • Our Ginger in powder form has its certifications from reputable third-party inspection entities. The certifications mean you can quickly sell this spice to your customers without worrying about the quality.

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