Biotherm Homme 48h Day Control 75ml

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Biotherm Homme 48h Day Control 75ml Roll-On can be your companion for all-day freshness and confidence for up to 48hrs. With its cutting-edge formula, this roll-on deodorant delivers unparalleled performance, keeping you smelling fresh and feeling confident.

Why use this Biotherm Homme 48h Day Control?

No more worrying about body odor throughout the day:

This roll-on effectively combat unwanted odors, ensuring you stay fresh and revitalized from morning to night. Its advanced formula works tirelessly to neutralize odor-causing bacteria, leaving you with a long-lasting, invigorating fragrance that will turn heads wherever you go.

Fast Absorbing:

What sets this roll-on deodorant apart is its remarkable ability to dry out rapidly without leaving any messy residue behind. Say goodbye to those frustrating white marks or sticky feeling on your skin! The Biotherm Homme 48h Day Control is expertly designed to absorb quickly, allowing you to get dressed immediately without any worries. Experience the freedom of moving confidently through your day, knowing that this deodorant is working hard to keep you fresh without any trace.


Besides providing exceptional odor protection and quick-drying properties, it also nurtures your skin with its gentle and caring formula. Enriched with soothing ingredients, it provides a delicate touch, ensuring your skin stays comfortable and irritation-free, even after repeated use.

Start using Biotherm Homme 48h Day Control 75ml Roll On and discover a new level of freshness, reliability, and convenience. When using this roll-on, you can;

  • Take charge of your day with a deodorant that keeps up with your active lifestyle.
  • Get all-day odor protection, even up to 2 days.
  • Use it even if you are in a hurry due to it’s ability to dries fast.
  • Wear your favorite clothes without fear of it leaving behind residue.
  • Embrace the confidence that comes from feeling fresh and ready to confidently mingle with friends and colleagues.

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Additional information


Keeps you smelling fresh for upto 48hrs. Dries out very fast without leaving any residue.


May not work well with you if you suffer from severe hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating not related to heat or exercise). You might want to consider using the 72hrs version.





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