Wholesale Chicken Feet

Receive a quotation for our top quality wholesale chicken feet available for export to international destinations. We are offering these premium grade frozen chicken feet of Brazilian origin at a very competitive rate per Metric Ton. These frozen poultry is very healthy for consumption since it is Food Grade. Send us your inquiry today and receive a quotation within 24hrs.

Brief Details About Our Wholesale Chicken Feet

  • Grade: Top Food Grade AA
  • Style: Frozen
  • Weight: 25 – 55 grams
  • Freezing Process: IQF
  • Shelf life: 24 Months
  • Origin: Brazil
  • Packaging: Box
  • Certification: HACCP, HALAL, ISO


Buy container loads of wholesale chicken feet and get your order shipped within 7 working days of order confirmation to your desired destination. The quantity we can supply is up to 50*40ft container loads of frozen chicken feet on a monthly basis. To know more about this frozen poultry, check the detailed specifications below.

Specification Of Our Wholesale Chicken Feet

  • Well cleaned and washed without the yellow skin or outer nail.
  • There are no blood, bruises, or bad smell.
  • The moisture is less than 1.8%
  • Average length of each chicken feet is 10 to 20cm
  • The broken bones are less than 3%
  • Impurity is less than 5%

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We offer different packaging based on your order. In addition to the packaging, we also provide OEM packaging box design services at an extra cost. Below is our standard packaging:

  • Average Weight: 25-55 grams
  • Packaging: 20 Kg Carton
  • Number of feet per Carton: from 363 to 800 depending on the weight of each chicken feet.
  • Payload: 27 MT/ 40′ container

As a wholesale chicken feet supplier, we ship these frozen poultry to Asia, Americas, Europe, Oceania as well as Australia to reach the customer efficiently and safely. Buyers can bundle theses frozen chicken feet with other frozen chicken parts like breasts, wings, legs, drumsticks, and thighs. We work with highly reputable factories to provide our customers with the best quality of frozen chicken feet.

To receive a quotation, please send us your inquiry by filling our the form below or contact us through the contact page and we will send you the price quotation within 24hrs.

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