Salted, Unsalted Pistachios in Bulk


Get your constant supplies of top food-grade salted and unsalted pistachios at heavily discounted prices. Buy bulk pistachios to resell, home use, or at your catering business with custom packaging that fits your brand or business. We accept custom and private label orders and ship directly to your desired destination. Just let us know if you need the shelled pistachios or unshelled ones and we will get back with a full quotation.

Brief Details of our Pistachio Nuts

  • shelf life: 12 months
  • Available Styles: Dried, Roasted
  • Color: Natural
  • Use: Food Grade
  • Size: 18 – 20 grains per oz
  • Packaging: Customized, Private label Accepted.
  • Lead time: 7 days
  • Cultivation Type: Common


Buy bulk pistachios from Whole Distribute. Choose both roasted and raw wholesale pistachios, as well as shelled or in-shell pistachio varieties. We are ready to supply you with large quantities of pistachio nuts at a considerably competitive wholesale rate. We are working with farmers from different locations to ensure we bring our customers the best quality of these nuts, be it salted/unsalted, raw/roasted, or shelled/in-shell. Just send us your inquiry today and we will get back to you with our full quotation.

Specification of These Pistachio nuts

  • No additives 100% natural
  • Size: 20-22.22-24, 26-28, 28-30, 30-32, 32-34
  • Processing : Raw
  • Closed nuts: Maximum 5%
  • Small nuts : Maximum 5%
  • Deformed nuts : Maximum 2%
  • Nuts of another sort: Maximum 6%
  • Foreign objects : Maximum 1%
  • Mechanical open : Not allowed
  • Moisture content : Maximum 4,5%
  • The normally packing is 10kg/25kg/50kg/plastic bag, or by your requirement

5 Health Benefits of Pistachio Nuts You Didn’t Know

Pistachios are delicious and nutty, but how much do you really know about them? Here are 5 health benefits of pistachio nuts that might surprise you!

1) They lower bad cholesterol

Bad cholesterol levels are a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke. Eating pistachios is one way to help lower those levels. The body absorbs the fat in nuts more easily than it does saturated fats found in animal products, so people can feel fuller without consuming too many calories. It also helps stabilize blood sugar:

The protein, healthy fats, and fiber found in pistachios keep insulin at bay which keeps blood sugar low. They’re also high in potassium: Potassium is an essential mineral that helps maintain fluid balance inside the cells and helps control blood pressure levels; most Americans don’t get enough potassium in their diets.

2) They have less sugar than other nuts

Pistachios are one of the only nuts with less sugar than other nuts. In fact, they have a whopping 2 grams less sugar per serving than walnuts and almonds. They are also packed with fiber and protein, which helps you feel fuller for longer – two things that can help with weight loss!

3) They can be part of a heart-healthy diet

Pistachios are a healthy choice for a snack, and they can also be part of a heart-healthy diet. One serving provides more than 30% of the daily recommended value for protein as well as dietary fiber, both of which help keep you feeling full longer. Pistachios are also high in unsaturated fats, which have been found to protect against heart disease and stroke. They’re also rich in potassium, calcium, and vitamin E – all nutrients that play an important role in maintaining your cardiovascular health.

4) They are rich in antioxidants

Pistachios are a great nut to consume if you’re looking for a healthy snack. Not only do they taste amazing, but they offer numerous health benefits as well. Packed with antioxidants, pistachio nuts can help boost your immune system and fight off disease. The healthy fats found in pistachios can also reduce cholesterol levels and aid in weight loss goals.

5) They are naturally gluten free

Pistachios are a delightful treat, and they’re also good for you! The health benefits of pistachio nuts are extensive: eating them regularly can protect your heart, as well as help keep you trim.
Pistachios are naturally gluten free which means that people with Celiac disease or other gluten sensitivities can enjoy them without worry. It also means that if you’re on the Paleo diet, they can make a great snack during the day.

If you are looking for the cheapest place to buy pistachios, then we are here to serve you with the best wholesale and discounted prices. As one of the top pistachio distributors, we aim at providing our customers with the best quality at cheaper wholesale rates. Besides Pistachio nuts, we also supply almond nuts, peanuts, cashew nuts and much more.

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